Petrol engines are sufficient for this stylish car

MINI is a well compact hatchback with good practical approach

MINI is ever popular brand in retro style. Though it is a pricy tag but it has its popularity due to its comfortable, faster and efficient performance. Latest MINI hatchback is very stylish and reasonable in appearance. Its finish is remarkable. Well balanced and well equipped MINI Hatchback is good choice in retro style vehicles in the presence of good and quality products in this class.

MINI Hatchback RearView
MINI Hatchback Rear View

Internationally Alfa Romeo Mito, Audi 1 Hatchback and Citroen DS3 are its major rivals but MINI has secured a very firm place in the market. Its long wheel base allows getting advantage on all these competitors. Its long wheel base offers good and practical space for front passengers and at rear as well.

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 MINI has good engine range in both fuel categories

In petrol engines category there is a 2.0-litre John Cooper Works unit is available with 227bhp and 236lb/ft torque. It is impressive and good in performance. It takes 6.0 seconds to reach from 0-62m/h along with top speed of 155m/h, impressive output for such a small vehicle le like MINI with four passengers. Its fuel consumption is not very high and gives economical driving experience. It gives 42m/g fuel average along with 145g/km of Co2 emission. It is coupled with six-speed manual and six-speed automatic gearboxes and front-wheel drive unit as standard.

MINI Hatchback Engine
MINI Hatchback Engine

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In diesel engine category it has 2.0-litre SD Cooper unit that is capable of 167bhp and 265lb/ft torque.  it is good in response and performance and takes 7.0 seconds to reach from 0-62m/h along with top speed of 144m/h. fuel consumption of this diesel engine is very much impressive with 70m/g with just 109g/km of Co2 emissions. It is fitted with six-speed manual gearbox and front-wheel drive unit as standard.

Interior is more comfortable and relaxed than any other retro

MINI is very well knitted and comprehensive in appeal. It’s all features and equipment used to make its interior is also of very good quality and appealing, beautifully knitted and well-constructed. Interior is nice and sober in approach. Interior is of its own class. Each and every part of its interior gives different and appealing look. Gear joystick, door locks color scheme of display and stereo system is outstanding. Seating arrangement is good. Seats are big in size and of good stuff. It is also a four seater vehicle like VW Beetle but it is more comfortable than its rivals. Overall interior is absolutely fine and delicate.

MINI Hatchback Interior
MINI Hatchback Interior

Safety and reliability is perfect and out of question

MINI is a very durable and reliable vehicle with strict safety and constructed standard.  Its safety features are great with good practicality and durability.  Its score is four stars out of five stars from Euro NCAP. Its reliability is un-questionable because MINI has used low weight high carbon steel to make its MINI hatchback. MINI offers great driving experience with good and precise control especially in the corners. It is a perfect retro style vehicle with great practical approach.